Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dear Santa....

Every year I post a list of my favorite things, gifts and gift ideas.... I'm really late on doing so this year, but here we go... these are things I would love to see under my tree, in my stocking or any time of the year! (And most of them are things I love to give to my friends as well!)

*Once again, I DO NOT expect any one to buy any of these for me, it's just for fun ;)

Bordello Shoes
Every year I list these, and they are still my favorite!
You can find them all over the place now, but you can buy them for a pretty decent deal at straponsweetie.com

I love them all, but these are my personal favorites (I'm a size 6.5 btw...;) )
1 2 3 4

I love Etsy! There are so many great shops, I couldn't even begin to list ALL of my favorites but here are just a few of my never fail go-to's (p.s.- add me- bitsy rini- to your circle on Etsy to see more of my growing favorite list!)

to decorate myself:
Fable and Fury
Strange and Lovely
Idle Hands Designs

for decorating my house:
Madame Talbot
Loved To Death
Mud Puppy

for children & pets:
Helene Hawthorne's Dandy Dogs

Gift Cards
I love gift cards that I can use for various things as they are needed/wanted throughout the year. It's so hard to buy gifts for people who can be very specific about the things they like and don't always voice what they need- so a gift card is very thoughtful and says "I understand that you like to have control, and love that about you." haha.

Here are my top choices for gift cards I would be most excited about!

Alaska Airlines
Michaels (or Jo-anns)
Home Depot (yes, I said that- Lowes would be great as well)
and... Disney Gift Card!

As some of you know, I love children and have a huge soft spot for charities that help children in need. Please donate.
Seattle Children's Hospital
Ronald McDonald House
Toys For Tots
Boys and Girls Clubs
Project Night Night
Books For Africa

Find charities to donate to: Network For Good

Random Items:
Hot Fix Rhinestones- all sizes and colors (especially greens, black, crystal, crystal AB)
Ostrich Feathers- (White, black, all greens)
Classic Novels hardbound- Clothbound or Leatherbound
Display Insects, mounted and framed

Oh, and a thing called a Pie Bird (so cute!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Updates

Check out the Tempting Tarts August show. The Emerald Dollies will be performing a duet for the first time in months!! Can't reveal what act- but it'll be a classic! :)

August is my birthday month. It's my favorite month of the year besides October, because nothing beats Halloween. I hope to see all my favorite faces over the course of this month, and I really hope Mr. Sunshine treats me well and gives me a real summer for my birthday present.

About to go on vacation to Sun Valley, Idaho over my birthday week as it so happens every year. Once again, I will have a laid back birthday. Not a bad thing, but I'd much rather be in Disneyland for my birthday. I'd much rather be in Disneyland any day.

I have the itch for a tiki party/bbq. It's about time we have a summer bash at The Doll House. we've just been waiting for summer to get here... but now we better hurry up and have one before summer disappears again. So be looking for those E-vites in your inboxes soon!!!

Hope everyone has a funtastic and safe summer, and if you see me stop and say hi and give me a birthday hug!



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Just Might Be Here...

Well, Summer has officially started... and Seattle has gotten a *few* true summer days. More than I've expected honestly. This has been a pretty sad year for decent weather.

Pride, however, was a beautiful day! I even got sunburned!! Ooof.

I spent Pride with my Tart Family and the wonderful people of Seattle. It was such a great day! We themed our float after our Troup Tagline "Seattle's Sweetest Treat" and all dressed as various sweets.

The Emerald Dollies were the Doublemint Twins of course.
And even rode a green tandem bicycle! We will be purchasing this bike for us in the near
Here are a few more shots from The Tempting Tarts at Pride Parade 2011!

Dickie as Lord Licorice!

Rose as a Tart :)

Morgan as Cotton Candy and Jezebel as Queen Frostine!

Tiffany as Rockcandy and Sailor as Grape Wine.

More Doublemint Dollies :)

Black Cherry as a Cupcake!

Disgrace Jones and OtterPop! as Mike N Ike!!

For more Tempting Tart goodness, go to:

And check out our next show July 21st!!